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Becoming a Nurse is your dream. Ready to get prepared?

Most Nursing Students start Nursing School believing that if they work hard, they’re sure to do well in Nursing School…then class starts, you take your first test, and quickly realize you got thrown into the deep end of the pool WITHOUT a life jacket!

And the instructors you thought were supposed to teach you? They're overworked and unavailable to give you the kind of guided support you need to be successful.

Gina Marie says, "It's a CRIME they don't teach it this way!"

Get the PreNursing Bootcamp for only $29 at over 40% off!

What’s included in your Pre-Nursing Bootcamp:

  • Live, online attendance to 4 guided workshops (60-90 minutes each)
  • Workbook to easily facilitate the new skills you’re learning
  • Save time by completing essential prep activities in a guided way
  • Unlimited Q&A time with an expert Nursing School Coach

You’ll leave each session better prepared and ready to confidently tackle your first day of core nursing classes (or if you’ve already started classes, this will help you reset your nursing school trajectory!)

**NOTE** We recommend attending LIVE for best results, as you will not have access to recordings. (unless you choose to add the optional recordings to your purchase for an extra fee)


I’m a BSN RN and Professional Nursing Tutor with over 15 years experience, and I’ve helped thousands of nursing students successfully get through nursing school confidently, calmly, and efficiently…all while maintaining a healthy school/life balance in the process.

I specialize in helping adult learners study efficiently with the Silver Bullet Study System (the BEST way to study in Nursing School!) so that you can learn to think like a nurse with confidence, while preventing the stressful burnout that’s all too common among nursing students.

And the only thing I love better than helping current nursing students solve their nursing school study problems…is helping Pre-Nursing Students PREVENT your nursing school problems! ❤️

CURRENT SCHEDULE (All 4 sessions are included):

  • 2/13/24 @8PM EST: Time Management
    • Establish healthy life/school balance
    • Save time by studying efficiently
    • Prioritize what’s most important to you!
  • 2/14/24 @8PM EST: Test Anxiety (And Back-to-School nerves! And Prep-for-Clinical nerves! It’s all related!)
    • Fun, easy-to-use strategies to reduce and prevent test anxiety and nursing school nerves
    • Feel confident that you’re going to become an amazing nurse, and avoid imposter syndrome (google it if you don’t know what it is!)
    • Don’t let test anxiety hide what you really know on exams ❤️
  • 2/15/24 @8PM EST: Dosage Calculations
    • Overcome your math fears (even if you’re “allergic” to math…)
    • Start seeing med math as “free points” in nursing school
    • Easily get 100% on required dosage calculation exams!
  • 2/16/24 @8PM EST: Silver Bullet Study System
    • Confidently identify the most important info to focus on
    • Avoid the overwhelm before each exam
    • Develop better Clinical Judgment…the #1 skill NCLEX tests on!

If you want to AVOID the Nursing School horror stories you’ve heard about…if you want to lower your stress…if you want to walk into class confidently…then I look forward to working with you through the Pre-Nursing Bootcamp!


Get the PreNursing Bootcamp for only $29 at over 40% off!


$50.00 USD

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