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Unlock the Secret to Effective Studying in Under an Hour!

  • Thousands of nursing students have used the Silver Bullet Study System to succeed in Nursing School.
  • It’s a simple, 4-step method that makes you “think like a nurse”, develop clinical judgment, and get comfortably passing grades.
  • Dedicated Silver Bullet Study System students are memorizing less, understanding more, and getting better grades – all while balancing school & life!
  • Get access for life – plus all future updates for free!

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Successful Students!

Clearly! It’s pretty amazing how well the SBSS really have helped me feel more confident without hours of memorization. I am so beyond grateful, Nicole! -Bridgette

I was able to verbally talk through the pt lab values as to why they were high or low due to the pt dx and what was going on!!!! Woohoo!!!! - Amber

I used this study method and took my grade in Maternal Newborn from a 69% to passing with an 80% - Jose

The Silver Bullet Study System is a simple, 4-step method that mimics the way experienced nurses think so that YOU can quickly and easily think that way, too.

Works for any nursing class (including Pharm, Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Psych, Maternity, Peds, Health Assessment, and more) as well as many pre-nursing classes.

Feel CONFIDENT that your hard work and sacrifice will pay off, as you study to…

  • Improve retention (and reduce rote memorization)
  • Identify the most important information for each test
  • Reclaim time with family (or for work!)
  • Feel secure that you’ll know when you’ve studied “enough”
  • "Connect the Dots" and understand the important nursing concepts
  • Develop Clinical Judgment, which is what NCLEX tests for
  • Get comfortably passing grades for every class
  • Build the best foundation for your future nursing career!

The Silver Bullet Study System works for ANY pre-licensure program, whether you’re in LPN/LVN, RN, direct-entry MSN, ADN, BSN, Traditional, Accelerated, Bridging, or something else.

Every future nurse has the same goal: to learn Clinical Judgment, pass NCLEX, and become an amazing nurse!

With the Silver Bullet Study System Self-Study Course, you’ll get:

  • Exclusive video training on the Silver Bullet Study System
  • Printable overview of all 4 study steps
  • Blank Silver Bullet Study System outline (with built-in reminders!) to guide you through the 4-step process (downloadable, and editable)
  • Tips and insights to adjust the study system for topics at the beginning of Nursing School.
  • Encouragement that you CAN do this!

Take advantage of my 15+ years of Professional Nursing Tutoring experience to make sure that you are studying the right way, everyday!  

My test score changed dramatically from your Silver Bullet Study Method. It is finally clicking for me 🙂 Everything in my fundamentals unit finally makes sense. Thank you so much 🙂 I am definitely going to keep using it on future exams. - Savannah

I was trying so hard to understand the information and study as much as possible but nothing was working and I was just ready to give up. I was 5 tests in and failed every single one of them. After using the silver bullet study method and working with testing anxiety, I passed my test today with an 80%! God is good and I’m so thankful that he’s given me another chance by finding Nicole! - Bailey


$97.00 USD

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Add *6* Silver Bullet Study System Examples WITH Video Explanations for only $9...

Learn better by example? Get 6 videos explaining pre-made Silver Bullet Study System example outlines so you can quickly learn to study this way for yourself. Includes topics from:

  • Fundamentals
  • Pharmacology
  • Mother-Baby/Maternity
  • Mental Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Med-Surg

Perfect to Boost your Confidence as you Learn!

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