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Hey there Busy Nursing Student!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Nicole Whitworth, BSN, RN.

I'm a Professional Nursing Tutor with 15+ years experience...and I accidentally wasted a LOT of time studying back when I was in nursing school. 

Luckily for me, I had the time to waste…I had no kids (the dog and cat don’t count, right?), no job, and my husband was deployed.

Do You Have That Much Time To Waste in Nursing School?

You probably have to continue working while in Nursing School, even though I’m sure you’ve been given the well-meaning advice that you should quit your job before classes start (then again, those same people aren’t offering to pay your bills, are they?!?)

Or you might already be feeling guilty or selfish for “neglecting” your family while you finally pursue something meaningful that’s just for you…and you need to make sure that any time sacrificed for them will be absolutely worthwhile. 

You're not alone in this journey, and that's where I come in. 

How would you like to breeze through Nursing School quickly and easily, withOUT spending hours every night sifting through hundreds of pages of a textbook, only to discover that nothing you studied is even on the test, anyway?


Your Nursing School Roadmap

- Your Quicker Path to Success!-

Yes! I'm Ready to Fast-Track Nursing School and Reclaim My Time!

See what some of my students have to say... 


Amy - "You make me feel like a normal person can do this..."


Amy - "You make me feel like a normal person can do this..."

Erica - "I'm older now...and meeting you is so refreshing...thank you so much!" 

Sign Me Up! I Want the Roadmap for Smarter, Faster Nursing School Success!

The Nursing School Roadmap will guide you through Nursing School.


Here's what you'll find inside the membership:

Step 1: Time Management for Nursing Students

Reclaim your schedule with our step-by-step guide designed to prioritize your life, keep up with due dates, and reduce overwhelm. You'll have more time for what matters most - whether spending time with your family, or workin’ to pay the bills, the important thing is that you get to choose - all while keeping your grades comfortably in the passing zone so that you can graduate on time.

Step 2: Test Anxiety

Based on the core principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this simple technique has you approaching exams with confidence, staying calm under pressure, and performing your best. Plus…your significant other gets to participate in a fun way that they won’t be able to resist! The benefits don’t stop with tests, either…you’re more relaxed and confident during skills check-offs, clinicals, and when applying for nursing jobs, too. 

Step 3: Dosage Calculations

Failing Dosage Calculations is a thing of the past! Every med math problem is now guaranteed points added to your grade with this proven technique. You’ll use it for literally every problem type…even those “no-longer-scary” weight based calculations. Say goodbye to math anxiety (not to mention those confusing formulas and conversions!) because with this step-by-step guidance, you're equipped to tackle any dosage calculation problem with ease.

Step 4: The Silver Bullet Study System 

Effortlessly identify the most important information, and watch your critical thinking skills soar! Your clinical judgment (the major new focus of Next Gen NCLEX, btw) strengthens, allowing your “old brain” to easily retain all required nursing knowledge. No longer do you need to choose between self-care and passing have the secrets to achieving both (and you don’t even have to drink so much coffee you get the jitters…cuz let’s be honest, that’s not great self-care!) This resource alone can increase your study confidence by 29%!!

Step 5: Test Taking Strategies

Effective test prep starts on your very first day of nursing school, and gimmicky test-taking strategies don't cut it anymore with the advent of the Next Gen NCLEX. Our program equips you to confidently tackle high-level application/analysis questions, safely prioritize, and achieve passing results on every nursing exam so that you stay on track for graduation.

But it's More than just "Best Practices" of Nursing School!

Stop Relying on Your Overworked (and Underpaid) Nursing Instructor after Each Lecture, Because You Also Get...

  • 24/7 Tutoring and Mentorship Forum: Ask questions on your schedule. No more scheduling an extra trip to go to your instructor’s office hours, and no more wasting hours going down the Google/YouTube rabbit hole to find answers.. Delegate those confusing content questions (or tricky dosage calcs) with our private, online community (no Facebook or social media required to access). Then move on to the next item on your to-do list, worry free!
  • Live Group Tutoring Sessions: You have access to personalized support and guidance from a professional nursing tutor during our exclusive “office hours” style sessions. No more wasted time googling, only to get conflicting advice…or not even knowing the right question to ask in the first place. Sometimes it really IS easier (and quicker!) just to ask a real nurse!
  • Private Tutoring Podcast: Can’t make it to the scheduled tutoring session? No problem! You can listen (and re-listen!) to valuable lessons and insights from each session, conveniently fitting them into your schedule. Gain all the benefits of live group tutoring while maintaining the flexibility you need to balance school, work, and family. Still got follow-up questions after listening? Post them in the 24/7 Forum!
  • Nursing Student Support Group: A weekly support group with other nursing students who face the same challenges you do.  It’s hard to connect with classmates who consider you the “class mom”. Instead, connect with other women balancing nursing school with work and family, so that you can get the emotional support that you need (and without that gossipy young clique in your class getting all up in your business…you know who I mean! They’re the ones who always ask what your last test grade was!)
  • Growing Library of Study Guides (with video explanations!): Bye-bye overwhelming textbooks and endless YouTube videos! You’ll do more than memorize the facts with our specially curated study guides that highlight how to “connect the dots” so that you start thinking  like a nurse quickly and naturally. Don’t see the topic you need inside the library yet? Post your request in the forum and we’ll add it!
  • Growing Library of Practice Questions (WITH video explanations!): Take your nursing education to the next level with instant access to high difficulty-level practice questions, complete with thorough and understandable rationales. You’ll be able to quickly identify and correct any gaps in your understanding so that you’re always getting better, and will be exam-ready in no time!

And for a Limited Time, LIFETIME Membership also Includes 2 Additional Bonuses!

(The average cost of Nursing School is easily over $30,000 with tuition, books, clinical fees, and supplies...Investing in a proven path that includes real support can make all the difference to how fast you pass each semester and graduate!)

BONUS 1 - No More “Busy Work”: The 20-Minute Care Plan Solution (includes strategy + template): You’ve probably heard that nursing care plans are a waste of time, and you’ll never use them after becoming a nurse. It’s true! And yet…you’re still required to do them in nursing school, anyway. This easily repeatable process + customizable template fast tracks your Clinical Judgment skills, so that you quickly complete the assignment and move on with your life. 

BONUS 2 - Your Guide to the Next Gen NCLEX (NGN) Changes: Debunking Rumors and Preparing for Your Nursing Future: Knowledge is power…don't let fear and uncertainty increase your test anxiety! Tackle the Next Gen NCLEX (NGN) head-on with our exclusive guide to the most important new changes. Relax as we dispel common rumors, describe what to expect, and receive insider tips for how to prepare so you can avoid any post-graduation NCLEX stressors.

Your path to Nursing School Success begins here!

Choose the membership level that is right for you. 

Monthly Membership


  •  Access to the Full Roadmap:
    • Time Management
    • Test Anxiety
    • Dosage Calculations
    • The Silver Bullet Study System
    • Test Taking Strategies 
  • 24/7 Tutoring and Mentorship Forum
  • Live Group Tutoring Sessions
  • Private Tutoring Podcast
  • Nursing Student Support Group
  • Growing Library of Study Guides
  • Growing Library of Practice Questions
I Want In!! Show Me Exactly What to Do in Nursing School so that I Can Still Work and Take Care of My Family!

LIFETIME Membership

Perfect if you have 10+ months left in Nursing School OR want a nursing mentor beyond graduation!

Four Monthly Payments of


  •  Lifetime Access to the Full Roadmap:
    • Time Management
    • Test Anxiety
    • Dosage Calculations
    • The Silver Bullet Study System
    • Test Taking Strategies 
  • 24/7 Tutoring and Mentorship Forum
  • Live Group Tutoring Sessions
  • Private Tutoring Podcast
  • Nursing Student Support Group
  • Growing Library of Study Guides
  • Growing Library of Practice Questions


  • BONUS - The 20-Minute Care Plan Solution 
  • BONUS - Your Guide to the Next Gen NCLEX (NGN) Changes
Yes! Give me Lifetime Access to Time Saving Mentorship that Lightens my Study Load and Makes Nursing School Easier!

P.S. Think about this for a second…

If your school actually offers free tutoring, you’re lucky! …Or are you? You still have to find when it’s available, and rearrange your busy schedule to accommodate the pre-scheduled tutoring hours (plus commuting time…). And you often get what you pay for…a tutor without a nursing background, or a tutor who repeats exactly what your instructor already said in class, or a peer-tutor who is just as clueless as you are.

And don’t expect your nursing instructors to offer any personalized help, either. Have you heard about the current nursing shortage? Well, that includes nursing faculty (who get paid significantly less than bedside nurses, btw). Even though they often want to help you…they’re trapped without enough time (or salary) to support you beyond what they already provide in lecture and office hours (which you still have to somehow find time to attend on their schedule).

At the end of the day, the statistics speak for themselves…our current model of nursing education is flawed. You can see it in the history of NCLEX pass rates: they almost always decrease after a major test plan update, and take several years (if ever!) to fully recover. 

(Not to mention the terrible effect COVID had on nursing education…pass rates still haven’t recovered from that, either!)

As of 2022, 1 in 5 nursing students FAIL their first NCLEX attempt (and don’t assume your second attempt will be any better…a whopping 57% of students FAIL their NCLEX retake, too!). 

Now that the Next Generation NCLEX is here, with the biggest test plan update in 10-years happening at a time when pass rates are at the lowest they’ve ever been...are you really confident that your overworked, understaffed nursing school is prepared to do everything it takes to prepare you for graduation and NCLEX?

(But they’re still happy to send you a tuition bill, of course…)

The numbers don't lie...It makes more sense to follow this proven path in Nursing School, doesn't it?

But hey…maybe this really isn’t for you! The Nursing School Roadmap might NOT be for you if…

  • …you don't care about creating a balanced life, juggling nursing school, work, and family commitments
  • …you don't value time-saving strategies, and prefer to learn everything the hard way as you figure it out on your own
  • …you're not willing to invest in yourself and your future nursing career
  • …you're not open to trying new techniques or methods to improve your study habits and overall performance.
  • …you prefer to go it alone, avoiding collaboration and support from a like-minded community
  • …you're content with just getting by in nursing school, rather than striving for excellence and reaching your full potential
  • …you're not interested in learning from the experience and wisdom of a professional nursing tutor
  • …you're not willing to invest in yourself and your future nursing career
Sign Me Up! I’m Ready to Follow the Nursing School Roadmap and Get More Time for Life!

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